Keepin’ it Real: Implementing a Firm-Wide LPM Initiative, Part 2

Last week, Carl Herstein, Chief Value Partner at Honigman LLP discussed his experience in developing and implementing a firm-wide legal project management (LPM) program at his firm. The conversation continues with a candid discussion of the pricing of legal services, how it relates to project management and what clients really think of firm initiatives in this regard.

Q. How would you describe the relationship between pricing, collections, AFAs and LPM at your firm? Read more

Keepin’ it Real: Implementing a Firm-Wide LPM Program, Part 1

Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, a 300-lawyer business law firm in the U.S. mid-west launched a firm-wide legal project management (LPM) initiative in 2011. They deliberately chose not to publicize the program – until recently.

Carl W. Herstein is Honigman’s Detroit-based Chief Value Partner. In this two-part blog series, Carl discusses the decision to “keep it real”. His experience exemplifies the commitment, forethought and resources required as law firms consider similar programs. Read more

Work and Rework

I’m a fan of Basecamp, a web-based project management tool. It has just the right number of features, it’s simply structured, and, most importantly it’s effective. The same can be said of Rework, a book written by the creators of Basecamp, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

We could learn something from these guys
Fried and Hansson founded a small, Chicago-based web design company called 37signals in 1999. The team soon noticed the need for an online tool that would help people “get work done” without heavy investments in commitments, resources or time. Basecamp became that tool.

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Simple Questions for Complex Situations

How many professionals consistently use a checklist of questions to ask clients at the beginning of a client matter? Many customize checklists published by regulators for a particular practice area, client service style or matter management process. The focus is often on quality assurance, risk mitigation and scope of work. Is there a way to include the human element too? Read more

Schmooze Without the Ooze

Merriam Webster defines “schmooze” as a verb meaning “to talk with someone in a friendly way often in order to get some advantage for yourself”. Sounds unctuous, doesn’t it? I was recently interviewed about modern methods of getting to know clients and colleagues in a more sincere way than a lot of people associate with schmoozing. Read more

Why clients fail to manage expectations

You’ve probably read articles and attended seminars on how to manage the expectations of your corporate clients. You know enough to keep them happy by having honest, up-front conversations about what to expect from you.

After all, it’s what you would do if you were in their shoes. Read more

Three techniques to effectively build business

Overwhelmed by messages extolling the virtues of various marketing techniques? Here’s a primer to keep it all in perspective.

1. Develop your reputation

Most professionals still rely on referrals to attract new business. Which is why your reputation is so important. Read more