Build a better practice….Bellwether Strategies offers services in five areas of expertise that often intersect.

  • Strategize

    Create a strategy that is simple and sustainable. We’ll work with you from conceptualization to implementation, helping with market research, goal setting, training and follow-through. Learn more.

  • Communicate

    Websites, blogs, public relations, speeches, media relations and other activities communicate your expertise. We help you get in front of the right audiences online, in print and in person. Learn more.

  • Promote and develop your business

    Build and adjust your practice to meet client needs. By determining who is most likely to hire and retain your services, we’ll set goals and target your efforts efficiently. Learn more.

  • Build and protect your reputation

    Most professionals believe their reputation defines their careers. Few say they know how to manage it. Take control by following a proven reputation management process. Learn more.

  • Become known for the quality of your services

    80% of a client’s willingness to recommend you is determined by the quality of your service. I help firms with client service research, training, development of practice-wide standards and practical ideas to build on success. Learn more.