Client Service Initiatives

Of all the things you can do to build your practice, the most important is to take control of the way you deliver your services.

Client service matters more than a pricing discount, a cocktail reception or a brochure (although those are nice, too).

The hallmarks of quality service – courtesy, reliability, responsiveness, tangibles and empathy – are also the basics.

As you master the basics, you’ll adopt more sophisticated initiatives to set your practice apart: expectation management, assessment of perceptions, process management, team alignment and opportunities for innovation.

These activities will eventually become part of the natural way you do things in your office – i.e. they won’t feel like a strategy, but will fit into your daily practice. In return, clients will refer others, give you more of their own work and stay loyal.

Bellwether Strategies can assist with

  • Client interviews
  • Client research and surveys
  • Stakeholder relationship assessments
  • Service model development
  • Client service standards
  • Independent project evaluations
  • Staff and supplier training
  • Development of support material
  • Client recognition programs
  • Client team strategy

Recent projects

  • Research to benchmark stakeholder perceptions of service quality in a complex public organization
  • Client interviews on behalf of a law firm and an accounting firm to assess perceptions of quality and value
  • Facilitation of client service training workshops at firm retreats attended by staff and professionals
“Our lawyers and staff benefit tremendously from Natasha’s expertise. She’s helped us build the skills they don’t teach in law school – practice strategy, marketing, communication. And we really appreciate her common-sense approach!”
Victor Vogel, QC
Managing Partner
Vogel LLP, Calgary, AB