Reputation Management

The reputational stakes are higher for professionals than for most others. Who you are as a person or firm might matter more to clients than the technical expertise you sell.

So, what is the secret to building a good reputation? Building trust. Earning respect. Distinguishing your brand.

How it works

The path to building a strong reputation begins with assessing how those important to your practice – clients, employees, investors, media and influencers, for example – perceive you and what they expect from you.

We look at factors such as trust, esteem and visibility. And we assess the gaps, risks and opportunities in your practice.

Then, we strengthen your reputation by implementing specific, measurable activities based on a combination of stakeholder priorities, your own priorities and your values as a professional and a businessperson.

Reputation building and management services

  • Reputation audits
  • Leadership training
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Employee alignment programs
  • Media relations and social media training
  • Identification of metrics and indices

Recent projects

  • Created and implemented an award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility program for a mid-size accounting firm
  • Presentations to the Canadian Bar Association and Professional Development Network regarding reputation management, 2014
  • Presentation on “Reputation Management for the Modern Dental Practice” at the 2013 Pacific Dental Conference
  • Reputational assessment on behalf of a British Columbia accounting firm
  • A stakeholder alignment project for a legal non-profit organization
“Our lawyers and staff benefit tremendously from Natasha’s expertise. She’s helped us build the skills they don’t teach in law school – practice strategy, marketing, communication. And we really appreciate her common-sense approach!”
Victor Vogel, QC
Managing Partner
Vogel LLP, Calgary, AB