LPM Coaching

Businesses and organizations have long applied project management techniques to manage major initiatives.

But the practice is relatively new to lawyers.

If your clients (or potential clients) are being asked to provide better accountability, return on investment and transparency with respect to the amount of money they spend on your services, then you might benefit from legal project management coaching. And if your partners are asking how to be profitable in a climate of increasing cost pressures, then you will most certainly benefit from legal project management coaching.

Benefits of legal project management for your clients

  • Predictable budgets and schedules
  • Efficient reporting
  • Faster identification of risks and solutions
  • Standardization of specific, repeatable work processes
  • Improved understanding of the value of legal spend
  • Better reporting mechanisms for directors and stakeholders
  • Alignment of interests with your roster of approved legal counsel

Benefits of legal project management for your firm

  • Process improvements that won’t sacrifice quality in the name of efficiency
  • Improved use of knowledge management to leverage intellectual capital
  • Improved control over workflow and work volume
  • Differentiation that demonstrates business acumen
  • Less risk of “scope creep” on file work – fewer write-offs and write-downs
  • Functional team communications based on agreed-upon protocols

How it works

Project management involves creating and applying templates, checklists, protocols and other tools to your client work. But…lawyers need more than the right tools; they need to figure out how to best apply the tools and then make a habit of continuous improvement. This is where coaching helps.

Throughout the coaching process, we will explore elements of project management that make the most sense for your practice. This enables a quick start, but also a safe start. We’ll talk about how it fits into the context of your practice – your clients, your performance indicators, your team and your firm culture –  and then determine practical models to work with.

Training options

The legal project management coaching and training that I conduct is all facilitated through LegalBizDev. The firm is led by Jim Hassett, a noted author, speaker and trainer in law firm management and business development. I coach lawyers from my base in Vancouver, via phone and videoconference.

Training options include:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Just-in-time training
  • Client/firm collaboration workshops
  • Certification
  • Webinars and speeches
  • Custom training
  • Train the trainer
  • Consulting

If you would like to learn more, please contact me.


“Our lawyers and staff benefit tremendously from Natasha’s expertise. She’s helped us build the skills they don’t teach in law school – practice strategy, marketing, communication. And we really appreciate her common-sense approach!”
Victor Vogel, QC
Managing Partner
Vogel LLP, Calgary, AB