Successful marketing and business development happens day by day, year by year, client by client.

It’s based on your practice strategy and professional reputation. And it makes sense to everyone involved.

But which specific marketing activities work best? Like any good habit, those that work well are purposeful, systematic, measured and sustainable.

Compare sound marketing strategy to something as simple as spending time with old friends: you send an email or have a quick conversation to see how they’re doing. You may only see them once or  twice per year. Over time, you build history and trust. Taking a few minutes during the busiest of days to keep in touch creates a relationship you can rely on in the long run.

Doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? Your marketing efforts don’t need to be difficult either.

Effective marketing is woven into your daily interactions with clients. It builds your reputation, setting the standard for the way you and your staff deliver services. It’s the investment that forms the basis of a robust practice – one that meets your needs and those of your clients.

Marketing and business development services

  • Market research
  • Brand development
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Client intelligence systems
  • Training staff and professionals
  • Marketing new or innovative services
  • Finding new markets for existing services
  • Measurement and metrics to determine success

Recent projects

  • Building a long-term marketing plan for a regional accounting firm
  • Market research analysis for a law firm launching a new service
  • Brand identity development for a small consulting firm
  • Facilitation of a business development seminar for a leading practice group in a national law firm
“Our lawyers and staff benefit tremendously from Natasha’s expertise. She’s helped us build the skills they don’t teach in law school – practice strategy, marketing, communication. And we really appreciate her common-sense approach!”
Victor Vogel, QC
Past Managing Partner
Vogel LLP, Calgary, AB