Three techniques to effectively build business

Overwhelmed by messages extolling the virtues of various marketing techniques? Here’s a primer to keep it all in perspective.

1. Develop your reputation

Most professionals still rely on referrals to attract new business. Which is why your reputation is so important.

Clients investigate your credentials online, compare you to competitors and look for security based on their priorities for your service.

The better known you are for your expertise, the better clients you’ll attract (and from a wider audience). This is where activities such as leadership, advocacy, public relations, networking, promotion and branding fit in to your practice.

2. Keep clients happy

You know all the statistics about your current clients being your most profitable source of work.

But what exactly do they value about your services? Knowing this gives you the power to market your business efficiently.

This is about more than meeting expectations. It’s about making decisions based on facts (not assumptions) and managing your time to align your reputation with your client services.

3. Build the value of your practice itself

Terms such as “brand equity”, “competitive edge” or “value proposition” all refer to one basic thing: what your practice is worth to someone who would invest in it.

Building the value of your practice in a measurable way attracts good employees, adds capital to fund expansion or innovation and even commands higher prices.

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