Bellwether Strategies client featured in CPA Canada Magazine Humanity Financial is the first Certified B Corp accounting firm in western Canada

Gordon and Megan Holley, co-founders of Humanity Financial Inc., western Canada’s first B Corp certified accounting firm were featured in the January 2021 edition of CPA Canada’s “Pivot” Magazine.

The interview asks about what inspired the Holley’s to pursue B Corp certification, how it factors into their

business model as a professional service firm and the advantages they’ve enjoyed as they’ve aligned purpose with principle.

I’ve been proud to work with Humanity Financial since 2014 on communication, brand development and reputation building strategies. It’s a privilege to be part of their team!

Read the article on the CPA Canada website.

Four Basic Marketing Concepts Every Lawyer Should Know

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I’ve noticed that a lot of lawyers are suffering from information overload in all the advice about what to focus on when building a practice. Clarifying basic concepts is a good place to start. And truthfully, it’s also a relief to simplify some of the jargon.

Here’s a guide to the four concepts that most lawyers and firms need to consider.

Who you are: your identity and brand

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Differentiating your Firm: the Triple-A Formula

If you’re tasked with leading strategic planning, cultural change or market positioning efforts in your firm, this post is for you.

A brand narrative describes the essence of ‘who your firm is’.  This narrative – or story – becomes the way people inside and outside your firm describe it relative to other firms. It’s an essential component of strategic projects because it sets the tone for future activities. Read more

How to link heritage to your firm brand

Maybe it’s the ‘Mad Men’ mania or the resurgence of farmers markets across North America, but I get the feeling that nostalgia is making a comeback. We feel good when we revisit the familiar past – it’s comforting, reliable and trustworthy. It also reminds us of how our current identity can be influenced by shared values and experiences.

If anyone has asked “Who are you?” “Where are you from?”  when they first meet you as a professional, you’ll recognize heritage as an essential element of your brand. Read more

What’s the difference between your brand and your reputation?

I was once told by a law firm partner, “I don’t believe in brands – that’s just a marketing gimmick.” This person drives a BMW and loves to mention the pedigree of his Italian shoes. BMW was just voted one the most admired brands IN THE WORLD. The shoes? Well, that’s another story.

Simply stated, your brand is what you say about yourself. Your reputation is what others say about you. Professional firms need to pay close attention to both. Read more