CCMP Designation Certified Change Management Professional

In May 2022, Bellwether Strategies principal Natasha Chetty became a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)!

Developed and granted by the Association of Change Management Professionals in 2014, the CCMP designation is a globally recognized measure of proficiency in managing the “people side” of organizational change initiatives. The credential has been developed to meet ISO and ANSI standards.

More than a thousand organizational change management professionals have now earned the CCMP designation.

In the professional services sector, CCMPs help firms with a multitude of change initiatives, from strategic planning to IT infrastructure transformations to mergers, reorganizations and minor operational changes.

“I want my clients to feel confident in the change management leadership that I offer. CCMP is one way to convey that I take a thoughtful, qualified and well-informed approach to my work for them.”

While change management professionals customize each initiative to suit organizational circumstances, most follow a standard set of processes and content to structure their work. CCMPs ensure that change is implemented in a way that is sustainable and that brings measurable value to firms and people.



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