Encouraging Adoption of Project Management Skills in Your Firm

What would happen if you were able to practice more efficiently or build better work habits? Law firms are facing increased pressure to provide clients with predictable pricing and efficient matter management. Legal project management (LPM) techniques are widely recognized as a sound way to meet both needs. But firm leaders are often met with resistance when they broach the subject with their lawyers.

In their bestselling book “Switch”, Chip Heath and Dan Heath investigate why it’s so difficult for us to change the way we do things, even when the rational case for change is clear and compelling.

The Heath brothers share stories of people who changed their situations for the better; their research uncovered a pattern of knowledge, behaviour and circumstance that, if followed, can lead to success.

In this 4-page guide, I outline how firm leaders can implement the practical tips from “Switch” when guiding their lawyers towards positive behaviour change. All information has been published with the permission of the authors.

Download the guide: Switch-and-LPM (PDF:564KB)