Post-Vacation Productivity

Summer vacations give us time to relax, recuperate and reconnect. But eventually we also have to deal with reality.

If you’ve ever sat at your desk trying to recall what it was like to spend the morning reading a novel instead of an opinion letter, here are a few ways to ease your transition back into work mode.

Before you leave

  • Jot down a to-do list sorted by priority and deadline that you can refer to when you return.
  • Communicate clear expectations about your availability while away. Some lawyers refuse to create vacation alerts, lest clients or colleagues think they’re human. Don’t fall into this trap – you won’t relax and you’ll likely annoy the people you’re on vacation with.
  • Avoid setting up appointments on your first day back. This gives you time to deal with the unexpected and to prioritize your workload.
  • Filter email newsletters, subscriptions and social media alerts to specific folders in your inbox. It will ease information overload while you’re away and when you return by ensuring that essential communication reaches you before any other type of message.

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