The Blog is Back An extended break is good for the soul. And for business.

Hello dear readers!

The Bellwether Blog is back in action after a long hiatus. Thanks for your patience.

For those of you wondering about the radio silence in this space, I spent the latter half of 2017 working on a fascinating, labour-intense client project. More importantly though, I spent time with my dad after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and took time to grieve after he passed away.

What I learned this winter:

  1. Clients are people first, business people second. My main client project last year involved a huge firm with multiple moving parts and tight project deadlines. I always knew my clients were nice people, but I didn’t fully appreciate the extent of their loyalty until I was in the middle of an emergency. More about how behaviour signals brand in an upcoming post…
  2. Sometimes you need to look away to look inside. I went to Hawaii with my husband for a few months. Normally, spending this much time doing “nothing” would drive me nuts. I’d panic about the potential work I was missing out on. I’d worry about what potential clients might think. Instead, I  read a lot of books and ran almost every day. I made new friends. I kept in touch with connections. I rested. And I learned a lot.
  3. There’s nothing like a crisis to put things in perspective. I reprioritized and reached a level of efficiency that I didn’t think was possible. Essentials and client care remain at the top of my to-do list. Everything else ends up in the “nice, but not necessary” list. Good enough.

Look for more blog posts in the near future. I’ll publish a post at least once per month. Upcoming topics include good reads, change management how-to’s and “Bellwether Interviews” with experts at the leading edge of innovation in professional services.

If you’d like to read about a specific topic, just let me know.