What is a RACI? And why do you need one?

A RACI clarifies roles in a project, especially roles that guide communication and decision making. It’s a standard component of project management. And it’s easy to create.

Bellwether Strategies client featured in CPA Canada Magazine Humanity Financial is the first Certified B Corp accounting firm in western Canada

Gordon and Megan Holley, co-founders of western Canada’s first B-Corp certified accounting firm were featured in the January 2021 edition of “Pivot” Magazine.

Dispersed Teams and Distressed Times How to manage your team with compassion during a crisis

Six ways to manage sudden changes and dispersed teams during a major crisis.

Stay Close to Clients Despite Social Distancing Five ways to show you care

Don’t forget about your clients’ well being in the midst of chaos. Five simple ways to show you care even when business is anything but usual.

Show, Don’t Tell Apply an old creative writing tool to new client feedback

If an important client rated her satisfaction with your firm’s service quality as a “five” on a scale from one to seven, would you know how to improve her opinion?

How to do a Root Cause Analysis Separating the source from the symptom

A simple exercise to identify the real source of any business issue, and place it in the context of your strategy.

When Writing Feels Wrong Solutions to writer’s block

Professionals who publish articles to promote their work often run out of creative ideas. Generating them again isn’t impossible.

Afterglow How to make the most of an adventure abroad

Adventures abroad tend to put life at home in perspective. Distance brings the sum of life’s minor details into focus, often in unexpected ways.

Managing Change from the Front Lines When an improvement feels like an aggravation

When front-line employees don’t know why a change was made, or if they don’t believe in the ultimate goal, they often disengage from activities that support it.