Schmooze Without the Ooze

Merriam Webster defines “schmooze” as a verb meaning “to talk with someone in a friendly way often in order to get some advantage for yourself”. Sounds unctuous, doesn’t it? I was recently interviewed about modern methods of getting to know clients and colleagues in a more sincere way than a lot of people associate with schmoozing. Read more

Why schedule your social media activity?

I have a confession to make: I haven’t paid much attention to my social media profiles or blog lately.  I wanted to…. I really did. But with a few large, time-sensitive projects underway and a 10-day break in Hawaii, my profile-building efforts quietly fell to the bottom of my priority list.

And yet. When I stepped away from the cacophony of “influencer” updates, tweets, group discussions and recommended expert reading, I noticed a pattern. The posts I appreciated most were: Read more