Why schedule social media activity? Because it works.

Professional services brands need to be both credible and visible to be successful. Regular, well planned social media activity is one way to accomplish this. At least that’s what I tell my clients. In June, I decided to put my advice to the test.

Like my clients, I need to make the most of the time I spend building my reputation. Doing nothing is not an option, but neither is spending hours on Twitter. Read more

Why schedule your social media activity? The mid-experiment update.

Two weeks ago, I shared my experiment to schedule – and thus wrangle- my social media activities.

Many of my clients and friends have asked how the ‘test’ is going. Read more

Bellwether Book Review: Growth is Dead: Now What? by Bruce MacEwen

“Unchecked Hourly Fees = Absurdity!”, “The Great Pyramids: Ancient Wonder or AmLaw 100 Business Model?”.

To read most practice management publications, you’d think that national and multinational law firms are on the path to destruction. To read Bruce MacEwen’s book, “Growth is Dead: Now What?” you might think again. But you’d better steel yourself. The journey off-course could be bumpy. Read more