Tick Tock: How to Run a Productive Legal Project Meeting

I am usually the first person to start fidgeting in any meeting. Most of the time, I attribute this to my short attention span or my impatience. But sometimes I attribute  it to the meeting leader’s poor facilitation skills.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my frustration. According to a May 2014 Harvard Business Review article:

  • 15% of collective organizational time is spent in meetings. This percentage has only increased since 2008.
  • Executives consider 56% of these meetings to be unproductive
  • 49% of attendees admit to doing other, unrelated work during meetings

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How to Start a Legal Project Management Initiative in Your Firm: 11 Ideas

Are firms becoming more attuned to the benefits of legal project management (LPM)? Are clients? Judging from a workshop I attended on this topic last month in Chicago, the answer is “yes”.

But many firms – including almost every firm I’ve encountered – still struggle with the question of how to encourage organizational and individual changes required to inculcate wide-spread adoption of LPM.

The panelists who spoke at the “LPM Showcase and Workshop” lead some of the firms that have been the most successful at LPM implementation – Baker & McKenzieLoeb & Loeb,Foley Hoag and Reed Smith. Their honest accounts of their experiences in getting the ball rolling, however, were common to organizations of more than 50 lawyers, regardless of practice or regional focus. Read more

Encouraging Adoption of Project Management Skills in Your Firm

What would happen if you were able to practice more efficiently or build better work habits? Law firms are facing increased pressure to provide clients with predictable pricing and efficient matter management. Legal project management (LPM) techniques are widely recognized as a sound way to meet both needs. But firm leaders are often met with resistance when they broach the subject with their lawyers. Read more

Building Trust Within a Project Team

Legal project management often requires lawyers to change how they work with each other. Given the personalities and cultural dynamics within firms, persuading some people to even consider collaborating can be quite a challenge – even if it’s in the best interest of the client. What’s a project leader to do? Read more