IABC/BC Independent Communicators Special Interest Group Meeting

The next meeting of the IABC Independent Communicators SIG will be held on February 2nd, 2016 at the Water Street Cafe in downtown Vancouver.

How to Master Complex, Unfamiliar Tasks

If you’re about to tackle a complex issue or task in an unfamiliar area, how should you prioritize your first steps? New research shows that you’ll be off to a better start if you focus on learning rather than results.

5 Ways to Make a Fast Decision

Time and money almost always need to be balanced with quality in professional work. When you’re faced with increasing project pressures, the ability to make good decisions quickly becomes especially important. Decisiveness requires the type of confidence that comes from taking action, rather than accumulating theoretical knowledge. You might not make the best choice. You might even […]

Life Beyond Law: Tech Entrepreneur Greg Smith

When lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Greg Smith launched his tech company, he quickly learned that following his dream would take more hard work and a lot more risk than anything he’d experienced before.

Moral Outrage and Social Media: The Perfect Storm

When social norms and trust are violated, moral outrage follows. Social media amplifies the outcry, causing long-term reputational damage. Sometimes, it spurs updates to old policies that are out of step with current stakeholder values.

Post-Vacation Productivity

Summer vacations give us time to relax, recuperate and reconnect. But eventually we also have to deal with reality. Here are a few tips to ease your transition back into work mode.

E-learning for Lawyers, Explained

Online courses, webinars and other digital media open up a wide range of convenient training options for busy professionals. How can you decide which option is right? I spoke with e-learning expert Holly MacDonald of Spark + Co to find out.

Women, Wisdom & Wall Street

Last week, I was in Boston to listen to three groundbreaking leaders in financial regulation talk about their experiences as women affecting change in a male dominated industry.

Delegating to Part-Time Employees: Special Considerations

Professional firms increasingly rely on part-time and temporary personnel to complete administrative tasks. While this is a cost-effective way to manage business, it can inadvertently create complications in working relationships.