Keeping Clients When A Key Partner Leaves

When a key partner in a large law firm moves to a competitor, do his or her institutional clients tend to leave too? The answer might depend on how much internal conflict there is at the firm left behind.

Michelle Rogan of INSEAD recently published ground-breaking research on the relationships between large, multi-unit advertising agencies and client firms. These relationships are very similar in structure to those between law firms and institutional clients, where services in several areas of professional expertise are provided through personal connections developed over time. Read more

Identifying and Addressing Reputational Risk in a Law Firm

How well do most law firms understand and address reputational risks? Last week, I referenced the extreme example of Dewey & LeBoeuf, a bankrupt global firm that ignored reputational risk to the point where it now serves as the profession’s poster child for what-not-to-do.

This week, I’ll be more constructive. Read more

Of Risk and Reputation

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Law firm governance is rarely considered a topic worthy of a “60 Minutes” investigation. This might not be the case for long.

I’ve been tracking the fallout from the demise of Dewey & Leboeuf, a legendary (now bankrupt) global law firm that allegedly veered so far away from sound governance that several members of its executive team are now facing criminal charges and civil suits. Read more

Seminar Announcement: Nine Secrets to Building a Stellar Reputation

On March 20, 2014, Bellwether Strategies principal consultant Natasha Chetty presented a seminar in Calgary, AB on “Nine Secrets to Building a Stellar Reputation” for the Young Lawyers subsection of the Canadian Bar Association’s Southern Alberta Branch.

Find out more on the CBA-Alberta website.

A Bill of Rights for Professionals Using Social Media

Client: “Do I really have to do this?”

Me: “No. But…..what do you have to lose?”

Client: “My pride? My reputation? Billable time? I mean…what if people think I don’t have anything better to do?”

If we could build business by letting our work speak for itself, many of us would. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option anymore. Clients need to find you in the places where they’ll look for someone with your expertise. Including social media. Read more

Back to Basics: Trustworthiness and the Modern Firm

Trustworthiness permeates almost every aspect of my work with regulated professions. I’ve been on a mission to learn more about how to build, recover and regain organizational trust, and I recently attended the Summit on Building the Trustworthy Organization at Fordham University in New York. It was transformational. Read more

Social Media and Student Recruitment: Strategies for Success

Almost everyone involved in recruiting students or associates has a nagging fear: have any skeletons snuck out of the firm’s hallowed halls, and into its reputation?

What is said (online or off) about your reputation as an employer may be out of your control. But it isn’t out of your influence. Once people believe something negative to be true, it can take years to persuade them otherwise. You can minimize the chances of this happening by following a few of the guidelines below. Read more

Seminar Announcement: Reputation Management for Recruitment Success

A law firm’s reputation sets the stage for attracting, developing and keeping talented professionals. On October 3, 2013, Bellwether Strategies principal consultant Natasha Chetty will present a seminar to the Vancouver Professional Development Network on how to build and leverage a firm’s reputation for recruitment success. Read more

Growing a practice: reputation vs. relationships

A young accountant recently asked how she should prioritize her limited marketing time: should she meet more potential clients at lunches, cocktail parties and golf tournaments, or should she build a reputation among existing clients for her niche services and expertise?

I advised her to do the latter. Here’s why: Read more

Why schedule social media activity? Because it works.

Professional services brands need to be both credible and visible to be successful. Regular, well planned social media activity is one way to accomplish this. At least that’s what I tell my clients. In June, I decided to put my advice to the test.

Like my clients, I need to make the most of the time I spend building my reputation. Doing nothing is not an option, but neither is spending hours on Twitter. Read more